Chaos & Alchemy

Published by Clay Crucible Games

2 to 5 players

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Chaos & Alchemy is a fast-paced game of laboratory devices, royal favor and subtle rivalry between alchemists. Each player conducts an experiment each turn by rolling dice, hoping for each die to be at least as high as the shared Fortune Die. Each success lets the alchemist draw a new card from the deck or play a card from hand; each failure means a discard.

Players race to build up a laboratory sophisticated enough to turn lead into gold and to earn the favor of the king.


Mike Virata-Stone Winner

Turned lead into gold again!


.@Claycrucible Chaos and Alchemy, where science is always fun, even when you fail! #superpiday

Mike Virata-Stone Winner

Science themed game for #SuperPiDay!

Sacramento, California, United States

Mike Virata-Stone Winner

Don't mess with this alchemist!