About Us

Christine and mike

Who we are:

TableTopTally was founded by Mike and Christine Virata-Stone, two enthusiastic gamers who figured out two incomes buy more games than one and hence got married (oh and they loved each other!).

Christine’s addiction to spreadsheets and making lists spawned the idea of creating a place to easily add to and track your tabletop game library. Mike, with his own addiction to programming, saw this as a great opportunity. The conversation went something like this (but not exactly):

Man, we have a ton of games! We should put together a website or something to keep track of them.
Mike (lightbulb moment):
Wait, you want me to program a website so we can add more games to our collection? I’m in!
Mike (running to get his laptop):
That’s brilliant, let’s do it!

Thus TableTopTally was born.

What we do:

Not much yet, BUT we’re getting there. TableTopTally allows gamers to explore and contribute to the community driven game library, create and manage their personal library by marking games they own and want, and record their gameplay sessions.

What we want to be and Why:

We believe tabletop gaming is more than just a pastime or hobby. To us, it is a unifying force. No other activity can you spend hours participating in, lose, and still feel like a winner. This is because tabletop gaming goes beyond the winning aspect of a game (though winning is always nice). It is about being able to share an experience with family, friends and complete strangers who can become future friends. Our mission is to create a space that promotes this belief. A fun and welcoming community where gamers of all types can gather or share information and build relationships with fellow gamers.